Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Workbench Top Modification

Hello again.
     I have a Work Bench for mike bike shop that I made out of 4x4 beams.  I laminated 10 4x4 beams together to make the top.  Being a wood top it is always getting dirty, greasy and full of oil.  And I usually use a hand plane every so often to take a layer off.  But the other day at my local Home Center, 4' x 8' sheets of white board like material was on sale for $8.99.  I bought a sheet and cut it into four 2' x 4' sheets.
  I then laid a sheet on the work bench and counter sunk some screw holes.  i then screwed it down so it would not move.  Turned out really well.  Has a surface that oil and dirt just wipes up off of, and being white it brightened up the work bench also.  So for $2 a sheet I have a disposable work bench top.

White Board Top

White Board Top

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