Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vintage 1954 Schwinn Spitfire Day 3

      Hello, and Welcome back.  I continued work on the Schwinn Spitfire today.  Work consisted of cleaning and polishing.  Grease was amazingly stubborn.  I end up putting the parts in an old crock pot with dish soap and simmering on low for a few hours.  Works wonderfully.

Cleaned and Polished Headset Parts

    Very pleased with the polishing.  Can't wait to see the headset on the bike.  Next i will press the Headset cups into place with a cups press.  Works so easy with a press.

Pressing Cups with a Press

     Very happy with the polished clean look.  Dry fitted the rest of the parts just to see how it looked.

Cups Pressed

Dry Fit

    That is all for today.  Thrilled with the Headset polished up.  Next is getting that stubborn fender screw out of the fork, but that will be all for a couple of days on the 1954 Schwinn.  I got a flood of customer bikes that need repairs, cleanings and tuning.  Thanks for looking

     P.S. Got a few project restoration bikes over the weekend at the right price, they are now in line with a few others waiting for a new life.

1976 Raleigh Record

Blue Nishiki - Sorry Have not Dated Yet

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