Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rummage Sale Find - Late 60s Raleigh Grand Prix Carlton

    Rummage Sale Hunting on Saturday I found this late 1960s Raleigh Grand Prix Carlton Race Approved ten speed.  All original.  Bought it from the original owner who stopped riding it after Graduating from University of Illinois in 1972.  Got it for a price that was less then my portion of lunch that i had at my favorite local cheap Mexican Restaurant.  Spending $10 for one at this  Restaurant is difficult.  What a deal.  I think it will be moving to the front of the line of bikes waiting restoration after the Schwinn is finished.  Unless of course I get a customer with a restoration.  Got to find time to date it. and clean the original saddle so I can see the lettering and type.  Thanks For looking.

Raleigh Grand Prix Carlton Race Approved

Head Badge

Fork Detail and Carlton Decal

Original Saddle

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  1. Hi John, I enjoyed to read your old projects. Have you finished this Raleigh Grand Prix Carlton made already? I think my Grand Prix is same modal as this one, and I thought mine was built in 1972. Are you sure tht your modal made in late 60s?

    I checked these pages:

    If it is possible, I'd like to see this projects' photos.
    Thank you!