Prices for Restorations Services - Repairs and Tune-ups

Will update this page soon.

Most Tune-ups run between $30-$50.  No one offers such a complete tune-up for a better price then I do.

Restoration average between $125 and $300.  Estimates are given on an individual bicycle basis.  Parts cost extra.

Individual repairs and modification vary.

This page will be more detailed and comprehensive soon.

Information can also be found on the Johns recycled bicycle page.

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  1. Hi John,
    I may be purchasing a vintage Schwinn tandem. If I would like to have you look at it for a tune up what is the best way to schedule an appointment? Please advise.

    Best regards,

  2. can you customize a 1967 schwinn twinn with coaster brake to an e-motorized bike, by adding e-motor or motor front or back wheel?

  3. Hi John! It's been a while (2015) since we last spoke and you did great tune up on a bike for us. I'd like to have you simply replace brake cables and housing as needed for a Giant Suede. Please let me know when you could do this for us...

  4. Hi! I am new to refurbishing old vintage steel frames. I am wondering how you polish the frames/parts and get them looking so shiny? Do you use wax? Do you use a tool? Thanks! Love your site!!

  5. Hello...I have a schwinn Tango deluxe and need 2 red "S" seats...thanx

  6. Thanks sir for your bicycles services. I really helpful this article. I read full content and I really love. This post.. i am a One off the blogger of website is Thanks you so much.

  7. Hello John. I have a 1972 Motobecane Grand Touring. I bought it new in ‘72 and it is in great mechanical condition, all original. The paint finish and decals are a bit rough and I would like to have it restored. Is that possible? If you are interested I can send you pictures. Thanks. Harry, in Atlanta.