Friday, May 18, 2012

Vintage 1954 Schwinn Spitfire Day 2

Hello, Getting a start this morning on the Schwinn 1954.  Going to start by pressing the bottom bracket cups back into place using a cup press.

Pressing BB Cups

Pressing BB Cups Side View

Cups Pressed into Place

     Nice fit. So easy to do with a cup press.  I like the shine.  Thought I had the Schwinn in-print to the top, must have twisted while pressing.

Crank Grease Packed and Reassembled

     Next I reassembled the crank.  I packed and greased all the bearings and parts.  I really like the way the crank cleaned and polished.  Very pleased with the way it looks back on the frame.

Crank Assembled Rear View

Cranked Assembled Non-Drive View

     Next I am going to work on the headset and fork.  The front fender screw is rusted into place.  It is not budging with WD-40 or even PB Blaster.  I will let is soak longer, but may have to drill and tap a new screw.  Would not be a problem, I would just clean everything in place, but the fender screw is loose by about 3/16" and the fender hangs loose.

Rusted into Place Fender Screw

     I cleaned someones attempt at repainting the head tube.  I see why they repainted with the missing paint.  Maybe I should have left the paint, but it was just dirty goo, and cleaned off easy with a little Goo Gone and soft brass brush.  The original paint that still exists looks fine under the old goo.

Head Tube - Old Repaint Removed

Headset Pre-clean and Polish

That is all for now, will post headset photos as I go.

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