Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vintage 1954 Schwinn Spitfire Restore Day 4

     I have not had time to do much work on the Schwinn Spitfire.  Had 6 bikes in 4 days that the customers wanted a complete cleaning and overhaul.  Very nice bikes once they where cleaned.  Worked on a Specialized Women's Flat bar road bike, very nice.  A very pristine condition Trek 820, have not seen one this well kept in a while, makes me miss my old Trek 820.  A 1980s unnamed Schwinn, had euro style BB and very nice light everything, but no model name, and no time to look up the Serial #.  A Giant Mountain bike, and 2 cruisers.  Thanks to the customers for bringing them to me.

     Now to that problem of the fender screw frozen into the fork.  My Dad had the idea of cutting it out with a Dremil tool.  My dad being a long time Tractor engineer, and home car mechanic, I go to him when I get stumped on something like this frozen screw.  I could not get the Dremil to fit in there with out scratching other areas.  So i finally just clamped it and drilled it out.  It took a lot of cutting oil and patience.  But finally came out.  The hole is very rough.  I am going to re-drill the hole before tapping new threads.  Below are before and after photos.

Frozen Front Fender Screw

Screw Drilled Out

Separated at Last

     That is all for now on the Schwinn Spitfire.  Now that the screw has been removed things should really speed up.  I will be posting shortly a Rummage Sale find.

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