Restorations by Photo

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1982 Miyata 610 Restoration in Progress
1986 Schwinn Prelude Restoration
1992 Trek 1000 Restoration
1986 Schwinn Le Tour Restoration
Mid 1980's Schwinn Super Le Tour Restoration
1987?? Bridgestone 450 Restoration
Pat's 1985? Schwinn Le Tour Luxe Restoration & Upgrading
Peugeot Vitesses Restoration
Bob's Trek 700 Restoration
Bob's Trek 720 Restoration
Trek 970 Mountain Bike Restoration and Modification
Triumph 3 Speed In Progress
1989 Trek 420 Restoration
1982 Schwinn Superior Preservation
Schwinn Fixed Gear Conversion - In Progress
1986 Raleigh Grand Prix Reynolds 531 Restoration
Poor Man's Rivendell - Still in the Process
Jose's Trek 330 Restoration
Schwinn Racer 3 Speed Restoration
Raleigh Sport 3 Speed for my Sister - Restoration
1985 Schwinn Le Tour  Tall - Restoration
My version of Path Racer - Fuji Fixed Gear
Schwinn Paramount PDG 20 Mountain Bike
1983 Trek 410 Road Bike
Trek 700 Multi-Track
1983 Miyata Gran Touring 210 - Miyata in the Raw
Ishmael's 1980's Miyata City Bicycle

1980's Schwinn Traveler - City Bike Conversion
1980's Schwinn Traveler
Raleigh "Mixtie" City Conversion
Early 90's Specialized Hard Rock
1970's Schwinn Twinn Tandem

Early 1990's Bianchi Eros

1988 Trek 400 

1969 Schwinn Racer

1969 Schwinn Breeze 

1974 Schwinn Le Tour

1990's Specialize Hard Rock
1973 Schwinn Continental
1987 Schwinn Super Le Tour Mixtie
1976 Raleigh Record Fixie Conversion
Kids Trek 200 Overhaul
Early 1990's GT Outpost
Customers 1998 Specialized Hard Rock


  1. Nice work!

    I have a collection of Schwinn cycles that have been sitting outside and enjoying the natural elements of western Washington for over 10 years. I rescued them and after restoring the continental I was hooked and have begun to restore the rest. The only part of the restoration process that bothers me is the frame work. How were you able to so beautifully restore the paint and decals without them wiping off? I polished the stars right off the fork on the continental before I noticed that they seemed to have turned to dust over the years. Did you re-order decals?

    1. Hello,

      The decals are a tricky thing. First you must be very careful cleaning them. I very lightly, I can not stress the very lightly enough, use a magic eraser sponge and lightly clean the decals. Then a very very light polishing with a polish or wax, that is all. It helps to have good decals to start with. On a rare occasion I can make my own decal replacements or i order new old stock if they are available on eBay or other places. But way cheaper to make my own.

      Thanks for the interest and thanks for saving the old bikes you have.
      John Z.

    2. Can you give me some more in depth detail on how you make your own decals?
      I have a '78 Raleigh Grand Prix that I'm looking to work on. My decals are a bit scratched up. I had thought about just repainting them on where needed and cleaning or doing what I best can to "repair" them.

      I'm looking at your rebuild of Craig's Raleigh, I will be using your blog as a instruction book for my restore.