Friday, February 7, 2014

Tour of my shop.

Shop Tour

I have been asked to give a few photos of my shop so here goes.  My shop is in the basement, I cant wait to have a shop with lots of big windows someday.  It is pretty small, it is L shaped with one leg of the L being about 7' x 7' and the other leg about 12' by 7'.  Then I have more storage outside of the shop itself.  If I really squeeze tight I can fit about 25 bikes in the rest of the basement and then my parts collection.  Also in the outside portion of the shop I have my paint area.

The nice thing is working on and restoring bicycle you do not need a large shop.  I am a neat freak and have everything very organized, this is partly because the shop is small and partly working is a lot easier and faster in a clean and organized shop.  All my tools are hung on peg board either with the peg hooks or with magnetic strips.  I like the strips because I can quickly grab the tools but also know if a tool is not where it should be.

From that point all my tools are organized in one area for one purpose, all the headset tools are in one area, all of the bottom bracket tools in another, brake tools in their own area and so fourth.  Tools I use more often such as Allen wrenches, general wrenches and common screw driver sizes are kept right above the bike stand.

I have a heavy duty work bench I built myself about 8 years ago, I made it out of Douglas Fir 4 x 4's and planed and joined them together.  The bench weighs a ton but has so much mass you can do any function you can imagine with the bench not moving at all.

I keep a very organized work bench, and by organized I mean not much on it, the space is for doing work.  I do keep my computer on one end of the work bench for all the book keeping and web site work.

Below the work bench I keep my drill press and Miller Tig Welder, I am out of welding gas right now so I cant show you anything cool with that.

Down the other leg of the L I have my parts cleaning area and a small parts storage peg board along with a shelf with some cleaning products.  The parts storage board is a small fraction of my parts, the rest are outside of the shop.

It took some time getting the layout the way I want it but now the layout functions flawlessly.  I hope to move to a stand alone shop on my own land an home at some point, and again with a lot of windows!

Shop - Work Bench View - Entry door just right of bench.
Netflix on computer screen!

Shop - View down work leg of the "L".

Shop - Bicycle Stand View

Shop - Handle Bar Tape and Cables that I will
go through in the next week, hundreds of cables and much
more handlebar tape stored out side of shop.

Shop - Cleaning Station -  shelving and parts storage.

Shop - Welder and Drill press stored under the work bench.
That is my shop where i spend sometimes up to 60 - 80 hours a week.

John Z.

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