Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Update February 15, 2014

As always it has been another busy week in the shop.  Jose and I where able to get together this morning to get the fit correct on the Miyata 610.  It turned out fantastic and is now complete.  Click here for the Miyata 610 restoration or the photo below.

Click the photo for the 1982 Miyata 610 Restoration

John C. brought me a absolutely fantastic 1984 Miayata 710 for a preservation.  The 710 was in incredible condition I just gave it a mechanical overhaul and brought the shine back to show room new.  Thanks John C.. Click here for the Miyata 710 preservation or click the photo below.

Click the photo for the 1984 Miyata Preservation
Finally for hings on the blog but not for work around the shop I restored a 1988 Cannondale road bicycle.  This bicycle brought back a lot of memories for me because the first real bicycle I had after my Schwinn Varsity was a 1985 Cannondale ST-500, a touring type bicycle, I put many tens of thousands of miles on it.  This 1988 white Cannondale turned out fantastic, for the restoration click here or the photo below.

Click the photo for the 1988 Cannondale Restoration

Thanks for all the interest in my work and thank you very much for all the work!! Check back soon!!

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