Friday, February 7, 2014

Basso & Serotta Overhauls

Recently I did a couple overhauls for a customer to get the bicycles ready for sale.  These where not restorations, more like a in depth tune ups.  I wanted to show these for two reasons, first i want to show I work on everything and second they are just beautiful bicycles with some amazing components and a very interesting mix.

The first is a Basso, it was very dirty and had some rust in spots, I gave it a good cleaning, tune up and lubrication.  It is a fantastic bike with an interesting mix of components.  Dura Ace crank, Dura Ace derailleurs, shift levers and wheel hubs, Campagnolo brake calipers and Shimano 600 headset.  I also changed the brake cable housings and added the handlebar tape.  I love the chrome chain stays.  The tires are sew ups, I could write a whole post just on sew ups so I will do that alter.  I do have a few before photos but I am just going to post the after.

Basso Overhaul - Side view

Basso Overhaul - Angle view

Basso Overhaul - Campagnolo Brake Caliper

Basso Overhaul - Front Half

Basso Overhaul - Dura Ace Shift Levers

Basso Overhaul - Dura Ace Drive Train

Basso Overhaul - Dura Ace Wheel Hub
The second is a Serotta race bike with all Shimano 600 Components.  This is such a cool bicycle, it was raced at one point.  I love the Coors, Shimano and Power Bar race decals.  This bicycle was also very dirty and was in bad need of a tune up.  It turned out beautiful, I only put new handlebar tape and tires on it.

Serotta Overhaul - Side View

Serotta Overhaul - Angle View

Serotta Overhaul - Handlebar View

Serotta Overhaul - Shimano 600 Hub

Serotta Overhaul - Front Half

Serotta Overhaul - Shimano 600 Group Set
Thanks for looking, I wanted to show them because they are so cool and to show I work on more then just the old stuff.

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