Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick update January 16, 2014

It is still very busy and very fun around the shop this week.  A Miyata 610 restoration is very close to completion.  The paint on the Le Tour Luxe is complete and assembly has started and the rack is very close to completed.  I will be starting a post on a Trek 1000 overhaul and after that a post on a Schwinn Prelude restoration.

The Schwinn Le Tour Luxe has come along way and I am thrilled with the results.  Check it out by clicking here or the photo below.

Click for the Schwinn Le Tour Luxe Restoration & Modification

The Miyata 610 is a fantastic bicycle.  It was designed as a Sports Touring bicycle in 1982 and in new years it became a complete touring bike along with the Miyata 1000.  Miyata where extremly well built high quality bicycles, they stopped importing them in the early 1990's because it became to expensive with the Yen crisis, to bad, they are such nice bikes.  Check out the restoration by clicking here or the photo below.

Click for the Miayat 610 Restoration
Start the Trek 1000 Overhaul / Restoration.  After braking the Trek down its probably closer to a restoration.  I road a Trek 1200 for sometime,  I should almost list the bicycles I have not ridden before, it would be faster!  The Trek 1000 is very similar.  Click here for the Trek 1000 restoration or the photo below.

Click Here for The Trek 1000 Restoration

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