Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Update - January 10, 2014

Its been extremely busy around the shop but also extremely fun!!  There has been a lot of customer restorations going on.  The paint process has been going very slow with these extreme low temperatures, the cold air is just to much for my exhaust fan and the booth gets very cold.

The Schwinn Le Tour Luxe has been moving good but slow because of the slow paint process.  But it is looking really nice, the primer layer and color layer are complete, just waiting for slow dry time before clear coat.  Check it out here or click the photo below.

Click for the Schwinn Le Tour Luxe Restoration

The Peugeot Vitesses got the new handlebar tape, just trying to figure out the best seat.  I think this Peugeut is one of the most beautiful bicycles I have seen.  i am very proud of the results.  Click here to check it out or click the photo below.

Click for the Peugeot Vitesses Restoration

There have been three customer restorations that have gone very well.  The first is a late 1980's Bridgestone 450, it is a beautiful bike and was a lot of fun restoring.  Click here for the restoration or the photo below.

Click for the Bridgestone 450 Restoration
The second was a Schwinn Super Le Tour, it was a little rough but I am very proud of my work and the results.
Click for the Schwinn Super Le Tour Restoration
The third technically is not done at the time off this posting, but will be in about an hour, it is a red 1986?? Schwinn Le Tour, this was about the worst starting condition I have worked on in a long time.  The transformation is pretty amazing.  Click here to check it out or click the photo below.

Click for the Sxchwinn Le Tour Restoration


Thanks to Pat, the owner of the Schwinn Le Tour Luxe I learned that the Schwinn Le Tour above is indeed a 1986 and the Super Le Tour above is a 1985.  Thanks to Pat for showing me how to read the Schwinn serial numbers to determine year.

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