Friday, September 7, 2012

My Afternoon Ride & an Additional Blog I have created

My Trek 1.5 - Touring Test Ride

     This is my Trek 1.5  Road bike.  I found the frame bare and \a box of parts.  I was just going to assemble it and sell it but after seeing all the eyelets for racks and fenders i decided to turn it into a lite touring bike.  I originally had 23mm tires on it but have recently changed over to 28mm touring tires.  I have a Bontragger Deluxe rear rack on it along with the messenger pannier, I also have a set of touring rear panniers for it.  I have recently installed the handle bar bag. The frame is aluminum, so not my favorite, but it isn't bad.

     I test road it for 24 miles on the lake county paths and it performed very well.  The weekend of the 15th I have trip planed from here in Gurnee to Elk Hart lake in Wisconsin to visit family.  About 126 miles one way, because of time restraints I will have to hitch a ride home on Sunday.

     I have also included some photos from the 24 mile test ride.  From where I come from it is mostly wooded roads and rolling hills, these Savannah like views are new to me, I am sure everyone has seen them a million times around here.

     I would also like to announce the creation of a new blog.  I meet so many great people and there bikes in my line of bicycle repair and restoration, and so many of them love seen there bike up on the blog,  that I created a blog connected to this one for people to submit there bicycles to.  Just send a few photos, a paragraph or two about your bike, why you like it, any changes you have made to it and where you like to ride it.  That blog can bee seen here  Check it out, submit a bike and soon you will see it up in "lights".  I am in the process of posting some of my bikes there.

John Z.

Rollings Savannah Trail

Rollings Savannah Trail

My Trek 1.5 - Touring Test Ride - Front View

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