Thursday, September 13, 2012

Early 80's Nishiki Restoration

Nishiki Side View - Before

Hello Again,

     With the new shop being much smaller then the old shop I have a lot less space for storage.  With a lot less storage I need to get to work on some restoration so I can free up some space.  I decided to start with this early 80s Nishiki.  It is surprisingly lite frame for the time, with a little restoration and updating this should turn out to be a pretty nice bike.  I figure it would be a good bike for running around town or to lock up at one of the transit station out in the suburbs with out to much worry.

Nishiki Handlebar View - Before
Nishiki Rear Brake - Before

Nishiki Front Wheel - Before

Nishiki Head Badge

     The bicycle will get new tires and tubes, new brake levers, new seat, new brake pads, new bar tape and all new cables and cable housings.  There might be a few other new things as I go through the bike.  I started by stripping all parts down to the frame.  The frame is in good shape, a few nicks and chips here and there.  The paint cleaned and polished out nicely.

Frame Stripped of Parts

Frame Before Cleaning & Polishing

     With the frame cleaned and polished I started work on the bottom bracket.  The bottom bracket was dry and dirty, but it cleaned up very nice with a soak in soapy water and a little PB Blaster.  I then ran the components over the bench buffer.   I greased the bearings, and installed the bearing cups and gave the bracket axle a thin coat of grease to help prevent corrosion.  Over all the bottom bracket turned out very nice, it shines nice and turns very smoothly.

Bottom Bracket Before Cleaning & Polishing

Drive Side Bearing Cup Polished & Installed

Bottom Bracket Polished & Installed

     With the bottom bracket installed I moved on to the headset, stem and handle bars.  Again, the bearing and components where dry with a lot of dirt and grime.  I cleaned all the components and then polished all the components on the buffing wheel.  The stem looks beautiful polished and so does the handle bars.  I am very pleased with the results of the headset and bars.

Headset,  Stem & Fork Before Cleaning & Polishing

Headset Cups Press

Headset Cups Installed

Fork Stem Greased

Stem Greased to Prevent Seizing

Stem Polished & Installed

Handlebars Polished & Installed
Next I will start work on the wheels and will post photos soon.

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