Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Customers Specialized Hardrock Overhaul

Specialized Hardrock  Before Overhaul

     I recently started work on a customers Specialized hardrock.  The photos are not perfect.  I have to get better photo lighting for the new shop set up. The bike has been stored in the weather at times and shows some were and corrosion.  The rear cassette, chain and brake pads will need replacing.  Also the rear derailleur shift lever will need replacing.  I started work on the rear of the bike.  There is quite a lot of grease, dirt and corrosion on the frame.  Most has cleaned up well, the paint is pretty faded so waxing has only brought the paint back so far.

Drive train - before

Some Grease, Dirt & Corrosion on the Frame

Rear Brake - Before

Corrosion on the Wheel Rims

     I started work by overhauling the rear wheel.  The bearing grease was not dry but very dirty.  I repacked the bearing with fresh grease and set the cones just right.  With the bearing rolling smoothly I set the wheel in the truing stand.  the wheel was very straight it only took a couple of adjustments.  With the wheel straight I cleaned the tire and added a coat of Armoural.

Old Grease
     With the rear wheel off I cleaned and polished the rear half of the frame.  The frame took a lot of Goop off to remove the grease and dirt.  I then polished the frame with wax,  the paint is not perfect, but ok.  It is faded and has some corrosion still.

     With the labor day Holiday it took extra long to get the new parts in.  I still have not received the rear shift lever.

New Parts - Minus the Shift Lever

     With the new parts in I went on to install the rear cassette,  The rear cassette is a Sram and matches the range of the old cassette.  

New Cassette Installed

Rear Cassette on the Bike
     Next I started work on the rear brake arms.  They where very dirty and gritty.  I removed the arms, cleaned everything and tried to remove some of the corrosion.  The corrosion did not remove the best.  I then installed the arm back on the bike and installed two new brake pads.  With the rear brake overhauled I installed the rear wheel to test the brake.  The brake works wonderfully.

Rear Brakes - Before

Rear Brake Completed
     At this point I removed the crank and arms and decreased everything.  There is a lot of rust on the chain rings,  at first glance the crank looks like it can be disassembled and cleaned, but that is just for show.  The crank is a riveted crank and can't be disassembled.  I removed as much rust as i could trying to get the Dremil tool in the tight places, but it is not perfect.  A lot better then it was, but not perfect.

     I have also overhauled the front wheel.  The bearings where descent but have been cleaned and overhauled.  I cleaned the rim and tire.  The rim corrosion did not clean up as nice as the rear wheel, the front had a lot more corrosion.

Overhauled Front Wheel

     At this point I have left to do is clean and polish the front end of the bike, overhaul the front brakes, wait on the shift lever to arrive, install the crank set and chain and overhaul the rear derailleur.  Should go quick once the shift lever arrives.

Thank you,
John Z.

     The rear shift lever arrived late last evening.  It did not take long to install.  I finished cleaning and polishing the front end.  Installed the new chain and gave the front brakes an overhaul with new pads.  I had some trouble tuning the front shifting.  The front derailleur was bent and also the large chain ring was bent.  I did my best to straighten them out,  but there is a little rub still in the extreme cross chain positions.

Specialized Hardrock After Overhaul - Side View

Front Brake after Overhaul and New Pads

New Shift Lever
Over all the bike turned out pretty nice.  It rides very smooth, shifts well other then the bent derailleur and cleaned up okay.  They is some weathering to the bike, but does not affect performance.  It should be a good bike for flying down the trails around here.  Thank you to the customer for bringing it to me.

John Z.

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