Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hundreds of Emails a Day for Questions and Help.

I get hundreds of emails a day and 50+ voice mails a day with questions about bikes, repairs, how to do something, restoration methods, questions about paint, where parts are available and so on...  Maybe some advice on how to continue on with one of your restorations. I love this stuff, so I try to answer as many as I can each day but I don't get to all of them.  Hundreds of emails a day can add up to many hours a day of replies.  I no longer get to the voice mails with those questions because a few "quick" return calls can add up to a lot of hours in a day.  If you have a question by phone it is better to just send an email to  If I don't get to your email in the many I answer that day keep sending it in the future and I will get to it in one of the daily batches.  I do however scan the emails and voice mails for restoration work and bicycle tune ups.

If I have offered some good advise or help, maybe supplied some inspiration or just supplied some good entertainment  please donate a $1 or two.  It will great help in putting all the time into the website and answering and helping with your restorations.

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Thank you
John Z.

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  1. I just looked through 2016-2014 and saw where you replied to someone asking for details on what tools / supplies you use to restore/clean. You mentioned that you would write a post specifically about this. Did you ever get around to this? Do you still have plans to?