Friday, February 27, 2015

Dog Days of Winter and Check out the New Business Website & Facebook Page

The dog days of winter is really getting to me.  I will take just 40 degrees and no snow at this point but instead we have a current temperature of -9! (And yes that's Fahrenheit).

Lots of music played very loud in the shop to keep warm.  This week is the entire Beatles box set, it does't get better then that.  Oh, and a little Smokey Robinson, I wish his month of May would get here!  At least the Brewers report to spring training on Friday, a land mark on the way to summer. Can't wait to be tailgating!

The Fuji Gran Tourer Mixte conversion is complete and up for sale.  Check it out Here!

Also check out a challenge I gave myself and the brazing work that went into it.  Powder coating coming soon.  Click Here for the Challenge!

Check out the new business website, It is still in the progress of being built but it is coming along nice.

Don't forget to like the Facebook page.  Stay up to date on completed bicycles and I am a little better at checking for quick messages there so for a faster reply.  If you want to contact me about restoration services please email me at  I usually reply with in a few hours or a few extra hours on the weekends.  Click the link or the photo below.

Thank you,
John Z.

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