Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quick Update 7/1/14: Rat Rod & 2 Value Builds

I have a few restorations going on at once, mostly because of just timing in parts being delivered and he time I have to work on them.  I am also using this odd timing to experiment with being more efficient.

First, Ben's Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 Chrome is in waiting.  My friend Darrell gave me a bottle of industrial penetrating oil that is only available on line.  I filled the seat tube with enough to fill the seat post and a few millimeters above the seat post or below depending on how you look at it as the frame needs to be upside down to soak.  I am hoping this budges the stuck seat post.  Ben's Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 can be seen by clicking here.

Next is Shelly's Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 Chrome.  Shelly's Voyageur 11.8 is so close to being complete, I am just waiting on tires, fenders and brake levers to come in the mail.  As I am writing this the Brooks B67 saddle has arrived.  I am so excited for those parts to show up.  Shelly's Schwinn Voyageur can be seen by clicking here.

Next on the list is Jose's Raleigh 3 Speed.  We found the components we needed this weekend.  I was very excited that the Raleigh was going to be complete today but I will need to rebuild the 3 speed hub for a third time.  Jose's Raleigh 3 Speed can be seen by clicking here.

I am often made fun of by friends for what type of bicycles I like.  I like steel of course, 3 speeds, bombers, Klunkers, rat rods, touring bicycles and just about everything else but somethings just catch my eye.

This weekend at the Carpentersville Bicycle Show this old Royal Scot 3 speed caught my eye.  I don't know why things catch my eye but this did.  The price was very cheap so I picked it up.  The Royal Scot was made by Raleigh so it is a Raleigh 3 speed made in Nottingham England.  Raleigh made a lot of bicycles under different badges.

I brought the Royal Scot home and gave it a degreasing wash and installed new brake cables and brake pads.  I will replace the shift cable, I ran out of 3 speed cables last week and waiting for the new shipment to come.

This is such a cool bicycle, it is just different, nimble and fun.  I think the only other thing I will do is rebuild the bearings.  Maybe in the future I will restore it more but it is just a fun bicycle and that's what I like.

Royal Scot / Raleigh 3 Speed Rat Rod

Royal Scot / Raleigh 3 Speed Rat Rod - Front

Royal Scot / Raleigh 3 Speed Rat Rod - England Decal

Over the last few months I got two very interesting builds that came in by two different people.  The idea is that Walmart bicycles suck as we all know and what can be done for around $200 and not have a crappy Walmart bicycle.  This is what was come up with.  Old Schwinns like these two can be found for $50-$75 but they are not usually in riding condition.  These bicycles did not get restored but for $50-$75 in labor and some parts and you have fantastic riding bicycles that have lasted for 40-50 years and will last for ever if maintained.  

So the idea was $50-$75 for the bicycles, $50-$75 in labor and another $50 in tires, tubes, cables, cable housings and brake pads. The $50-$75 in labor get a really good cleaning of the bicycle, a rebuild of the bearings and the new components installed and tuned.  In the end the result is a very nice riding bicycle, a great looking bicycle and a bicycle that will last and hold up to just about everything.  

I will note the male bicycle had a few accessories added that brought the total a little above $200.

I plan to go into more detail down the road about builds like this so watch for that int he future.

Value Cool Bicycle - Before
Value Cool Bicycle - Some New Bits & Pieces

Value Cool Bicycle - Bicycle Complete

Value Cool Bicycle - Bicycle

Value Cool Bicycle - Bicycle

Value Cool Bicycle - Bicycle Complete

Value Cool Bicycle - Bicycle Complete

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