Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trek Cyclocross XO1 - Frame Given to Me!

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Build Complete
Last fall I was lucky enough to meet someone in the bike industry, we talked for quite a while, close to two hours in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I must have made quite an impression because he said let me run back to my hotel room quick I have something I want to give you.  He returned and gave me this Trek XO-1 Cyclocross frame.  We still talk a lot through email and keep in touch.

Because of this frame and build I am selling my Trek 1100 to make room, I really only like to have two personal bikes, right now I have 3 and this Trek would make 4.  I like to have only a few bikes so they all get ridden, the Trek 1100 would not get ridden much and needs to go to someone who will ride it and use it.  Check out the post below for the Trek 1100.

I was extremely happy and appreciative of the gift but I have been a bit nervous to build up the frame, maybe nervous is not the correct word, apprehensive maybe?  Everyone knows my thing is steel vintage, when I ride cross I ride an old steel frame that I have built up as single speed and through some wide reach brakes and knobby tires on and I love it!!  I also love racing cyclocross but it is taking a seat behind gravel grinders in my favorites.  I have been looking for a vintage cyclocross frame lately that I thought I would restore and build up as a 5 speed, I have also been thinking about taking a Raleigh Super Course frame I have in rough paint condition and brazing on cantilever brake studs.

The other part of building up this Trek XO1 frame is the cost of components, I work hard but I do not get rich at what I do, a new modern group set is not something I go out and buy on a whim.  I have been looking for a combination of new and used parts on Ebay, Amazon, swap meets and managed to find some descent ten speed parts at a descent price.  So it was time to build it up!

I will admit the frame is extremely light!  Some times I have to look down when I pick it up to see if part of the frame fell off.  I do like the finish of the frame a lot, it is a form of powder coating that leaves a satin and textured finish, it seems tough and I am forgetting the term for this finish.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Frame

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Fork

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Head Tube
 I choose a cartridge bearing Velo-Orange headset, as long time readers know Velo-Orange is my favorite maker of headsets.  For the bottom bracket I choose a FSA Megaeo bottom bracket. In the photo below you can also see the cable hanger that will go with the headset.

I went with a FSA 10 speed crank, I do not like FSA cranks, I find the chain rings to be poorly made and the threads for the pedals to cross thread and strip very easy!!  I have worked on many customers FSA cranks because of the pedal threads in the crank arms going bad, striped or crossed.  That being said the price was descent for now, I hate having to make component decisions on price but for now I need too.  I think that is another reason I like vintage!!

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Velo - Orange Headset & FSA
Bottom Bracket

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - FSA 10 Speed Crank

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Crank - Installed

I got a break on the stem and handlebars, the stem is from the parts box and I got the handlebars at a swap a few years back and did not use them on the project I thought I would.  The fork tube will be cut after i determine the height I want it at.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Parts Shelf Bontrager Stem

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bontrager Handlebars

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Stem & Handlebars - Installed

I had to find a seat collar clamp, I choose this one because its blue! Brilliant right?  The seat post is of an old MTB.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Seat Post - Installed

The rear derailleur I baught new and was fine paying up for new, I really like the Shimano 105 group so new it is.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Shimano 105 Derailleur

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Shimano 105
 I was going to pick one of these three derailleurs from my derailleur parts shelve but after installing it I realized I need a top pull derailleur.  For now I have an old Deore derailleur installed and the new Shimano CX Cross front derailleur, a my budget buster at $64!

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Three derailleurs that did not work!

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build
The derailleur I chose that did not Work!

The wheels are from a Trek 1.5 or something like that, I want different wheels but a craigslist find will be fine for now.  I have not gotten tires yet so what was on the wheels when I got them is what I will be using.  I also rebuilt the wheels at this time, installed a new Shimano 10 speed cassette and a new ten speed chain.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Front Wheel

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Rear Wheel

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - New Ten Speed Cassette

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Cassette Installed

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Wheels Complete
 The brakes are a Tektro cantilever brake calipers.  I like these brakes a lot, I actually like them more in looks and design then performance which is fine.  I like the minimalist look of them.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Brake Calipers

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Front Brakes - Installed

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Rear Brake - Installed
 Now the ten speed shift/brake levers.  This is what I do not like about modern bikes, I love how easy and conveinent shift levers like this are, what I do not like is how they brake pretty easy and they are $240++ for the set.  I am fine with bar end shifter levers especially for cyclocross or gravel grinders because they will take a beating.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Ten Speed Brake/Shift Levers
 I was thinking black for the cable housings and completely black out the bike but after some thought I got to go red!!  Red cables and red handlebar tape is the choice!!  Going to look mean!!

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bike Wired

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Shift Levers - Wired
So that is where the Trek XO1 is for now, when I get time for my own bikes I will update.  After how muddy my morning ride was today I can't wait to give the XO1 a spin!

I ordered the new cyclocross front derailleur and installed it.  I am mad because I forgot to take photos of it and installing it.

Next I installed anew Brooks B17 Honey Saddle.  I love this saddle and I like the way it looks, I know if I actually race the bike its going to get pretty muddy and wet but I really don't ride anything else.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Brooks B17
 Next I gave the Trek XO1 a quick test ride to see where I needed to cut the fork, I made my choice and it fits well.  I use a clamp and saw guide to cut fork tubes.  I hen used a star nut setter to set the star nut, that went easy.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Fork Tube Cut

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Star Nut

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Stem
 Last thing to do is install the handlebar tape.  I chose a synthetic black leather handlebar tape, I think its a great look with all the black.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - New Handlebar

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Handlebar Tape - installed

That it, the Trek XO1 is complete.

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete

I rode the Trek XO1, super super fast!!  I have put about 40 miles on the Trek XO1 so far, the saddle is just starting to break in, I am not a fan of the Continental tire on the front, and I am a little beat up from it.

I guess that means I am getting use to the Trek, I absolutely love the speed!!!  I am getting use to the ride, it is fast but very rough, I know I have been taking the Trek on some rough terrain to check it out but I don't get this beat up from a steel bike on the same terrain.  At one point I actually cringed when i got to a gravel road with a lot of wash board, I don't think I ever felt like that before and that wash board was awful, beat my arms and shoulders up.  I am hoping its just getting use to the Trek XO1.

Love the speed though, so fast!!! Maybe the speed is a trade off with the ride??

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle - Complete

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete - Handlebars

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete
Front Brake

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Compelte
Brooks B17

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete - Drive Train

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete - Rear

Trek XO1 Cyclocross Build - Bicycle Complete - Rear Wheel

That the Trek, Thanks for the interest,
John Z.


  1. John, I've got this same bike (original setup) and this might push me to get some modifications on it this winter. I haven't seen many XO1s around so I haven't seen what else it can look like. I like the brooks seat and the red, nice choices. I might get some smaller tires to get into that speed your talking about!

  2. Hey! Awesome build! I know this was posted a while ago, but I can't find much info anywhere else. I picked up the same model XO1 frame for a frame swap on a KHS (I know, not the best idea, but i like the frame). I didnt have any problems retro-fitting the side-pull caliper breaks, they work great, but I noticed there is a tiny threaded hole on the bottom of the BB, and a cable guide on the downtube. Makes me think i could get a BB cable guide fitted in the threaded hole and run my down-pull front derailleur instead of buying a new top-pull one. Any input?