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Quick Update - May 15, 2014

It has been crazy busy lately, not only in the shop but I also had a crazy last month in the design classes I take.  I am glad they are over for a while so I can concentrate on just the shop.

First thing I would like to share is Dave V's has done some personalizing to his Trek 720.  He installed the bags, (I love the handlebar Bag!) pin striped the lugs in gold, I love the look and added the accessories.  Look fantastic, click here for the blog post or the photo below.  Got to love the graffiti in the photo that says "Not a photo opportunity."!

Click for the Trek 720 Blog Post
Now we are going to start from a few back up to now.  Next was T.J.'s Schwinn Le Tour, a beautiful bicycle all around, a few problems have had to be worked through later but those problems where why the bike was in such nice shape because no one road it.  I love the classic look of the Le Tour.  Click Here to see the Schwinn Le Tour or the photo below.

Click the Photo to See the Schwinn Le Tour Restoration
After the Le Tour I restored a early 1980's Raleigh Competition.  The Competition was pretty rough but in the end it came out very nice!  I love race bikes from this era, I love the looks and design.  The designs of the 1970's race bikes have been refined by this time.  Click here for the Raleigh Competition Restoration or the photo below.

Click the Photo Above for the Early 1980's Raleigh Competition Restoration
At this point I got to work on a Raleigh Sprite that I restored for myself and to enter in the Ann Arbor Classic Bicycle Show.  I restored a pair of Raleigh Sprites a long time ago for a couple that wanted them as bicycles for there lake cottage, I can't think of a better bicycle for that purpose.  When I restored those two I developed a soft spot for Sprites.  I alter say Darrell Yarbourough's restoration of a Raleigh Sprite and I knew I had to have one for myself.  Darrell actually tracked down the Raleigh Sprite in my very large size and I am thankful for him finding it.  I went all out on the Sprite, restoration, new bits & Pieces, all new fenders and racks, new Brooks B67 and in the end I think its my favorite all time bike and restoration.  I love it!!  I also won first place for best 1970's classic in the Ann Arbor Bicycle show, but that is below.  Click Here for the Raleigh Sprite Restoration or the photo below.

Click the Photo for the Raleigh Sprite Restoration
I finished the Raleigh Sprite about an hour before we had to get on the road to Ann Arbor.  Shannon and I had a fantastic time in Ann Arbor.  The college is nice, walked around Michigan Stadium, relaxed, had Dinner with Darrell and Rich and had a blast at the show!!  And winning a first place doesn't hurt either. Only wish the weather for the show was warmer!  Click Here for the Ann Arbor Trip or the photo below.
Click the Photo to See More of the Ann Arbor Trip
Now started a very frantic few weeks, I had major projects due in my design classes and at the same time busier then ever in the shop.  I started this time with David C's Schwinn Moab MTB restoration.  There is a wonderful story behind it of his son bringing it home in very rough shape after someone gave up on it.  Now the Schwinn Moab's story continues with it being restored and being David's son's bike, how can that be better?  Not only the story but I am amazed at how nice the Moab turned out for where it started!  Click Here to See the Schwinn Moab or the photo below.

Click the Photo to see the Schwinn Moab Restoration
At the same time as restoring the Moab I also got to work on his 1979 Schwinn Voyageur 11.8.  The Voyageur 11.8 are fantastic bicycle, I had one for a little under a year and it was a top favorite bicycle for me.  It also holds a really soft spot in my heart because I sold that Voyageur 11.8 to help all me to do this full time.  This Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 turned out like new if not better in some ways, how can you beat the black, chrome and red cable housings?  Click Here for the 1979 Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 Restoration or the photo below.

Click the Photo to See the Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 Restoration
That leaves me with two posts to go, they are connected.  The first is a restoration on a Trek 1100, this was my bicycle for sometime and then it was a friends bicycle for about 6 or 7 years, he commuted, traveled, enjoyed the Trek 1100 greatly.  It became 90% of all is transportation, not an easy thing to do.  He changed his riding style a bit and changed out his Trek 1100.  I got the Trek 1100 back and I restored it for myself but at one point I was given the frame below by someone in the bike industry and have decided to give it a try.  With that I do not like to have more then 2 or 3 personal bicycles, any more then that and some will never get ridden so with the frame below and that the Trek 1100 deserves to get lots of miles put on it I am selling the Trek 1100.  When I restored it for myself I put a lot of new parts and upgrades on it and it comes with a really nice trunk bag and a good but faded handlebar bag.  Price is $450.  With the colors it looks like Super Man's bike! Click Here to See the Trek 1100 Restoration or the photo below.  

Click the Photo to See the Trek 1100 Restoration
Last for this very long update is that Trek XO1 Cyclocross frame.  It is just about finished.  I am nervous about the Trek, it is not really my thing, even when I Cross race I use an old restored steel single speed frame with long wide reach calipers.  I also really had to think long and hard about spending the money for a modern 10 speed group, those are a lot of money for someone trying to build a business and career.  This is going to be different but if I don't like it I guess I can always sell the components.  Click here for the Trek XO1 Build or the photo below.

Click the Photo for the Trek XO1 Build
With design classes done for a while get ready for the restoration and bicycles to come fast and heavy.  A lot of really cool projects coming to the blog, a lot!!

Thanks for all the interest and work!!,
John Z.

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