Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick Update - April 7th, 2014 - Poor Man's Rivendell, Dave's 1982 Superior & Taro's Fuji SS

A lot has happened recently on the blog so it is time for a quick Update.  It is Tune-Up season so restoration work slow down a bit, not in quantity of restoration coming in, but it the amount of daily time that can be devoted to them.

There has been some really cool restoration lately like Taro's Fuji single Speed and Jose's Miyata 610 roadster.  I also have done some work on my personal Poor Man's Rivendell Project.

I do not get much time to work on personal bicycles, they always get pushed off when things are busy, as a birthday present to myself a took a little time on Sunday to work on the Poor Man's Rivendell project.  I realized I do not own a derailleur bicycle right now and have some bike camping trips planned, I do no really want to do them on a fixed gear so it was time i got to work on the project.  I got the bicycle in a ride able mock up, it is fantastic!! The bicycle is huge and fits me perfect!! A lot more work to go but check it out by clicking here or the photo below.
Click the Photo for the Poor Man's Rivendell Project
Dave, the owner of the 1982 Schwinn Superior Baby Paramount has got the bicycle dialed into him.  He has added a lot of cool accessories along with a tall Nitto stem, I think Nitto handlebars, new leather handlebar tape and twine, new brake elver hoods, new Ruffy Tuffy tires, a great headlamp clamp and an awesome trunk bag from Rivendell.  Great job Dave!! I am jealous!! Click here for the 1982 Schwinn Superior post or the photo below.

Click the Photo for David C's 1982 Schwinn Superior
Next up is Taro's Fuji Special Road Racer Single Speed Restoration, it is a beautiful bicycle!  It is all that I like, a great frame with chrome stays and a patina on the paint, lots of shiny chrome and alloy and leather bits.  It turned out fantastic and can be seen by clicking here or the photo below.

Click the Photo for Taro's Fuji Special Road Racer SS Restoration
Another very cool bicycle is Jose's Miyata 610 roadster or Path Racer.  Not much was original on the 610 so the best way was to leave it as is with a minor restoration.  It is a 1 x 7 gearing with some basically NOS Miyata 914 wheels.  It rides amazing, a really nice ride and look!  Click here for the Miyata 610 1 x 7 or the photo below.

Click the Photo for Jose's Miyata 610 1 x 7 Path Racer
Lastly and in progress with just a little bit to go is a 1988 Schwinn Le Tour.  It is the first 1988 Le Tour I have restored.  It is pretty nice with a nice group and index shifting.  The paint has really come back nice, it will be completed soon.  The 1988 Schwinn Le Tour Restoration can be seen by clicking here or the photo below.

Click the Photo for the 1988 Schwinn Le Tour Restoration
Keep tuning into the blog, lots of cool restorations coming up like a 1980's Raleigh Competition and a Schwinn Voyageur and many more.

Also get those bicycles in for tune-ups before the waits become long.

John Z.

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