Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Update - 12-18-2013 - Happy Birthday Mom!

First, Happy Birthday Mom!

The Peugeot will be finished shortly and updated, hopping the different shade of blue handlebar tape show up today because i would like to get final photos done, suppose to get up to 35 degrees today, whooo hooo!

I will be polishing all day on the Le Tour Luxe so photos should be up later.  Click here for the Schwinn Le Tour Luxe Post.

Click Here for the schwinn Le Tour Luxe Post
Crank Complete
Rivendell / Bob ish post has been updated.  I brazed the rear brake studs in place, pretty happy with the results.  Check it out here by clicking Poor Mans Rivendell.

Click for Poor Man's Rivendell Post

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