Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jose's Trek 330 Restoration

Trek 330 - After

Trek 330 - Bicycle before
This is Jose's 1988 Trek 330 restoration.  I have always wanted a Trek 330 in red or blue with the white lettering for myself but never found one in my size and price.  The Trek 330 is in good shape, it came mostly disassembled and missing the rear wheel.  Jose was able to find some wheels of a Trek 400 from a few years newer which will go great with the Trek 330.

The plan for the Trek 330 is pretty simple, a restoration with new tires and new handlebar tape, the Trek 330 is already pretty modern with index shifting, areo brake levers and the 700c wheels.  The Trek 330 should be a fast bicycle and look great with white Gel cork handlebar tape and white cable housings.

Trek 330 - Starting Point - Bicycle Before
Trek 330 - Bicycle Before - Front View
Trek 330 - Components and Wheels from a Trek 400
Trek 330 - Bicycle Before - Rear Derailleur
Trek 330 - Rear Brake - Before
Trek 330 - Bicycle Before - Adjustable Stem
Trek 330 - Bicycle Before - 330 Decal

I put the headset and bottom bracket components into the crock pot right away to clean and got to work cleaning and polishing the frame.  The frame is in good shape and cleaned easy.  My new polishing system made the frame absolutely pop, the polishing system did remove some old touch up paint that was a bad match.  A new match will be much better.  I will post more photos tomorrow.

Trek 330 - Headset and Bottom Bracket - Before
It been extremely busy around the shop lately so the blog being time consuming I have not updated it recently.  I have gotten some good work done on the Trek 330.  The headset and bottom bracket cleaned and polished very nice, I replaced the bottom bracket bearings but reused the bearing cages.  Both the headset and bottom bracket function very smoothly.

Trek 330 - Headset & Bottom Bracket - Cleaned & Polished
Trek 330 - Bottom Bracket Bearings - Packed
Trek 330 - Bottom Bracket
Fixed Cup - Installed
Trek 330 - Bottom Bracket - Complete
Trek 330 - Headset Bearings - Packed
Trek 330 - Headset Bearing Cups
Trek 330 - Headset Bearing Cups
Trek 330 - Headset - Complete
The wheels are off of a newer Trek 400, the wheels are in good shape, they are dirty and the aluminum needs polishing.  I rebuilt the wheels and replaced the bearings, the hubs polished very nice.  The rims are a bronze color, I just hand polished the rims to remove some of the dullness.  The rear wheel was missing the quick release skewer so I am using an old temporary skewer until the new one gets here.  The wheels turned out very nice, they spin fast and smooth, I am pleased with the results, its going to be a fast bicycle.

Trek 330 - Front Wheel Hub - Before
Trek 330 - Front Wheel Rim - Before
Trek 330 - Front Wheel Hub - Old Grease
Trek 330 - Rear Wheel - Freewheel - Before
Trek 330 - Rear Wheel Hub - Before
Trek 330 - Rear Wheel Complete - Very Pleased
Trek 330 - Front Wheel - Complete
Trek 330 - Wheels Complete
The stem that is on the Trek 330 is an adjustable stem, it will be nice to dial in the ride height.  The handlebars are pretty badly gouged, who put the adjustable stem on did not know how to remove the handle bars from the old quill stem.  The handlebar tape is going to be replaced, which is a good thing because the old camo tape crumbled to nothing as I worked on it.  I will post a few photos of the handlebars and stems but that is all the time for posting right now.  There is a lot more done, just need to post it.

Trek 330 - Handlebars & Stem - Before
Trek 330 - Adjustable Stem
Trek 330 - Handlebars - Gouged
I did my best to polish the handlebars, the bad gouging is there but the handlebars do look better then before.  The brake levers where missing the brake lever hoods, I am working on finding replacements that will fit, so far no luck, but I will find them.  The brake elvers did clean up nice and polish nice though.

Trek 330 - Handlebars Polished
Trek 330 - Brake Levers - Polished
Trek 330 - Handlebars - Installed
Trek 330 - Brake Levers - Installed
Next is the brake calipers and derailleurs.  The brake calipers are in pretty good shape.  The decal did wipe right off with soap and water and a rag.  That seems to happen to decals from that era.  I disassembled the brake calipers one at a time as always so I have one to reference.  I like the brake calipers, I believe they are the last high end model before they went to dual pivot.  The brake calipers turned out very nice, I am pleased. I then installed the new brake pads and the calipers to the frame.

Trek 330 - Calipers & Derailleurs - Before
Trek 330 - Brake Caliper - Exploded View
Trek 330 - Brake Caliper - Polished
Trek 330 - Brake caliper - Before & After
Trek 330 - Front Brake - Installed
Trek 330 - Rear Brake - Installed
The derailleurs are in good shape, dirty, but good shape.  I cleaned both and polished the front derailleur.  I removed the jockey wheels and on the rear derailleur and overhauled those.  Both derailleurs look good and after lubricating function smooth.

Trek 330 - Front Derailleur - Before
Trek 330 - Front Derailleur - Installed
Trek 330 - Rear Derailleur - Before
Trek 330 - Rear Derailleur - Polished
Trek 330 - Rear Derailleur - Installed
The crank is a nice Sugino crank, it is dirty and dull but not much wear.  I disassembled the crank and cleaned everything.  The crank arms have a different texture, kind off like factory forging marks, or an orange peel texture.  I polished it the best I could, It looks a lot better, but did not polish to as high of a shine as others.  I then reassembled the crank and installed it, it looks great against the red.

Trek 330 - Crank - Before
Trek 330 - Crank - Disassembled
Trek 330 - Crank - Polished
Trek 330 - Crank - Reassembled
Trek 330 - Crank Polished & Installed
Last thing for the updating of the post for tonight is the seat post.  The seat post is a nice micro adjust, it just took some cleaning and polishing.

Trek 330 -  Seat Post - Before
Trek 330 - Seat post - Installed
I love Fast Back Seat Post Lugs!
A photo of the bike to this point of the post.

Trek 330 - Bike to this Point
The Trek 330 is 99.9% done.  I had to order pedals for it, I thought I had 3 pairs on hand but I am thinking a friend pouched them.  I have been a little slow on the blog lately, it is still extremely busy around the shop so the blog gets pushed back a little.  I am also hoping to have a few more posts done tonight.

I last left of with all the major components restored and installed.  Next came the tires, cables and cable housings.  The tires are Continental 700 x 25 mm super Sports. The tires are very nice and very fast.  New tubes where also installed at this time.

Trek 330 - New Continental Tires
Trek 330 - Front Tire Installed
Trek 330 - Rear Tire Installed
I cleaned and lubricated the 7 speed freewheel at this time and installed a new chain.  The bike came in pieces and the chain that was with it was a big fat mountain bike chain, it did not work at all with the index shifting. The freewheel cleaned wonderfully and runs very smooth after a little reconditioning.

The cables and white housings look great with the bright red frame and the white Trek decals.  it is really becoming a beautiful bike.

Trek 330 - Freewheel Installed
Trek 330 - Cables & Housings - Installed
Later I shortened the cables & housings
after testing the adjustable stem.

The bike was missing brake lever hoods.  It shouldn't have been so hard to find hoods that would fit but it took three tries.  I just could not get the hoods over the high peak and low swail of the body.  I finally found some Shimano brake lever hoods that if I rubbed enough Armour All in side I could get them installed.

White cork handlebar tape is going on the Trek 330.  It will look great with the red and white decals.  As always with light colored handlebar tape I clean and whip down the shop first and wear some very clean disposable latex gloves, don't want to get the white dirty!

Very very happy with the results of the Shimano brake lever hoods and the white cork handlebar tape, looks incredible.

Trek 330 - New Shimano Brake Lever hoods
Trek 330 - New Brake Lever Hoods Installed
Trek 330 - Right Side Handlebar Tape Installed
Trek 330 - Handlebar Tape - Complete

There was just a few last things to do.  I finished the touch up painting.  There was not much to do, the paint is in great shape.  the red is not an exact match but very very close.  I installed the Bianchi saddle that came with it, I believe Jose has a Brooks saddle for it.  I also installed temporary pedals so I could do the test riding.

Trek 330 - Bike Ready for Test Ride

I am very happy with the Trek 330, like I said before I have always wanted one in red or blue.  The bike rides wonderful and very very fast!!!  The rear index shifting shift well for the down tube generation of index shifting.  The bicycle looks better then new, the Continental Super Sport tires are great.  I am looking forward to seeing it with a Brooks Saddle.  Overall a fantastic bike.

Trek 330 - Bicycle complete - Side view
Trek 330 - Bicycle complete - Angle view
Trek 330 - Bicycle complete - Front view
Trek 330 - Bicycle complete -
Handlebar view
Trek 330 - Bicycle complete - Drive Train view
Trek 330 - Bicycle complete - Rear view
Trek 330 - Bicycle complete - Messing with Photoshop


  1. Hi John,

    I just found your site randomly but love your work. i have two trek 700/720 bikes that i'd like to get redone -- with at least one set up for touring. do you have a business email where we might be able to discuss prices and so on?


    1. Hello,

      Those are great bikes.

      My email is johnzeni@me.com

  2. Ran across your site today. Great work on the Trek 330! I still have the red 330 I purchased new in 1989, and ride it on occasion. It's pretty much all original, with the exception of pedals, freewheel, tires, and handlebar tape. I can't bear to part with it, and plan to throw some wider (32mm) tires on it so I can ride gravel trails with it.

  3. Hi - I have a red Trek 330 from one year earlier (1987) that I have owned and loved all these years. Getting ready to do a complete overhaul for the first time ever and in doing some research I found your site. Absolutely great work and documentation of your process! Thank you.

    Couple questions - what is this crockpot cleaning concoction that you speak of? Also, do you mind sharing your frame cleaning method? Mine is definitely in a bit worse shape - with paint chips and small areas of rust here and there. I don't mind a little bit of that 'patina' but I would like to clean it up pretty well and maybe even do some paint retouching. Any tips on these aspects would be much appreciated! Thanks again.


  4. Hi John, awesome post! Recently someone stole my handlebars, stem and stem clamp on my trek 330. I've been searching for the right parts to fix it, after market parts will do. What size quill-style stem fits this model? Any recommendations on after market parts, handlebars, stem, stem clamp and brake levers?

    Thank you!


  5. Hello, where do you get the parts for Trek 330? I need some good parts for mine 330. Please let me know.