Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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The weather finally turned and miles have been pedaled out, such a good feeling!

This photo sums up why I love cycling so much, taken late last night after a long day in the shop.  a 75 degree day in March when our normal high is 40 degrees.  Nothing like a moon lite ride!  My camera phone must have lightened it a bit because it was much darker when I took it.

Last Nights Ride
The Raleigh 3 speed step through is complete and beautiful and up for sale.  Check it out Here!

Raleigh Three Speed Complete & up for Sale

TJ's Three Speed Powder Coated

My bike after a very muddy first ride but very fun ride.  The season is here!!

My First Ride of the Season! Mud Fun!!

Tune up season is upone me very hard so two restoration I have going have slowed down just a bit.  Get your bicycle in for its Spring Tune up soon!

Check out the new business website, It is still in the progress of being built but it is coming along nice. http://www.johns-recycled-bicycle.com/

Don't forget to like the Facebook page.  Stay up to date on completed bicycles and I am a little better at checking for quick messages there so for a faster reply.  If you want to contact me about restoration services please email me at JohnZeni@me.com.  I usually reply with in a few hours or a few extra hours on the weekends.  Click the link or the photo below.


Thank you,
John Z.

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