Monday, May 13, 2013

Three Restorations at Once

Three Bicycles - Frames Polished
I have a lot of restorations lined up but first remember to continue to check out the progress of the Miyata Gran Touring restoration.  The third coat of clear has been applied to the Miyata and just a day or two to dry and the build up of the Miyata will start.

Parts have started to show up for three of the restorations so in an attempt to be more efficient by restoring the same part for each bike at the same time I hope to waste less time and get things done faster.

The three bicycles are a Trek 700 Multi-Track, a Trek Reynolds 531 early 1980's road bike and a Schwinn Paramount PDG 20 mountain bike.

Each bicycle has its own post below so check out each post for continued progress.

Enjoy the nice weather that is suppose to be here tomorrow and ride!!

Three Bicycles - Frames Polished
Three Bicycles - Bottom Bracket & Headset Components
Three Bicycles - Cranks Before
From this point I stopped working on all three restorations at one and worked on one at a time.  Three at a time proved to be really slow with all the organizing and space required.  Below are the three finished bicycle.

Brenden's Schwinn Paramount PDG 20 MTB
Finished Bicycle
Jose's Trek 410- Finished Bicycle
Kurt's Trek 700 Multi-Track
Finished Bicycle
All three bicycles turned out Beautifully.  I am very pleased with all three.

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