Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two new Projects starting now. David's Specialized Hardrock & Steve's Schwinn Tandem

David's Specialized Hardrock - Before

Steve's Schwinn Tandem - Before

Each bike will get an individual post, but for now I am just giving a quick update.  David's Specialized is more of an overhaul and update.  The bike is in really good shape, it will get a complete tear down and rebuild.  Along with the rebuild there will be some upgrades and a cool color scheme.  The frame is a grayish silver color with orange highlights in the lettering, to carry that theme farther the cable housing will be a matching orange along with a new saddle that has matching orange accents.  I think it is going to be really nice.

Steve's Schwinn Tandem is a very fun project.  It takes some creative thinking on how to do things efficiently with the size of the bike.  Steve's Schwinn Tandem will be more of a restoration, the bike is in descent shape for its age.  So far it looks like it will only need new tires, maybe new peddles later if needed.  The chrome has some rust and pitting but that should polish up nice.  The coaster brake feels rough, but that should be smooth after a rebuild.  The paint is in nice shape and should polish nice.  Tandems are so much fun for tooling around the neighborhood with a someone and this bicycle should be good for another 40 years after the restoration.

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