Friday, October 19, 2012

Restored GT Rebound Mountain Bike For Kids ages 10-14

Bike Before
GT Rebound - Restored

This is a kids GT Rebound from around the year 2000 give or take a year.  It is 15" and is for a child 10-14 years old.  I have had it around for a while, the bike is in really good shape except it needed a new rear wheel, new tires, new front derailleur and shift lever, new seat, new rear brake cable and new handlebar grips.

I started by breaking down the bike and giving it a good cleaning.  Everything cleaned up nice, the frame cleaned nicely but does have the normal wear of a few scratches from use.

I am laying this post out a little differently because the bike did not need a lot of work, just cleaning, lubricating and new parts.

Bike Broken Down.
I cleaned and re-greased the wheel hub, it was just slightly dirty and the grease looked new.  The hub showed no wear and polished nicely.  I then put the front wheel on the wheel stand and trued it.  It now turns true.

Front Wheel Hub Before Cleaning

Front Wheel on Stand
Next I installed the new front derailleur and front shift lever.  This went easy and the bikes now shift smoothly in front.

New Front Derailleur

New Front Shift Lever
Next I got to work on the new rear wheel.  The rear wheel is brand new and has a Whimen rim.  I had to remove the gear cassette before i got ride of the old wheel.  This can be difficult on mountain bikes, but I was surprised at how easy it went.  I cleaned the cassette and greased the freewheel before install it.

I then installed the new tires.  The tires are called Swiss Army tires, I don't know why, but it sounds cool.  The tires are 26" x 1.5", same size as the old.  The bike looks much better with new tires.

Old Wheel & Tire

New Rear Wheel & New Tires
Cassette Before Cleaning & Installation

Swiss Army Tire
 With the wheels all set I replaced the rear brake cable and installed the new handle bar grips.  I choose these grips because they are ergonomic and comfortable, also the gray, black and white colors work great with the rest of the bike.  The bike is all done at this point except for the seat.

Old Rear Brake Cable

New Handle Bar Grips

Old Grips Left & New Grips Right

Old Handle Bar Grips

Last thing to do was install the new seat and tuning.  I always choose an inexpensive seat but that I know is good quality and comfortable.  I do this because seats area personal thing, there is no point of putting an expensive seat on that is not going to fit what the costumer wants and raising the price for the expensive seat.  Most people end up replacing a seat to there favorite seat,

Old Seat

New Seat

This is a nice bike for a kid 10-14 years old.  It is a nice frame, with a nice front Rock Shock that is in very good condition.  All the parts that normally break or wear out have been replaced so there is a good amount of use in it before they will need to be replaced again.

GT Rebound - Finished

GT Rebound - Finished Angle View

GT Rebound - Finished Front View

GT Rebound - Finished Handle Bar View

GT Rebound - Finished Rear View

Bike Features

15 Inch Frame
24 Speeds
26 Inch Wheels
Front Rock Shock
Light Alluminum Frame
New Tires
New Rear Wheel & Rim
New Front Derailleur
New Front Shift lever
New Rear Brake Cable
New Seat
New Handle Bar Grips

The bike has been completely cleaned and tuned.  Current price is $200.

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John Z.


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