Sunday, August 5, 2012

Customers Townie Tune Up

     Customers have been asking me to show there bikes on my blog.  I do not know why I haven't done so until now, it makes sense, customers see there bikes and future customers can see my work.  Thank you to the owner of this Magenta Townie for suggesting it.
     The Townie turned out to be just a basic tune up and cleaning.  The front derailleur was not shifting, the fenders and rear rack had a bolt missing and other bolts in the wrong spots.  I cleaned the bike and gave the frame a coat of silicone polish.  I cleaned and degreased the drive train and wheels.  I then adjusted the brakes and derailleurs, lubricated the cable housings, cleaned and lubricated the chain and trued the wheels.  I also found a bolt that fits the missing fender bolt in me large collection of bolts and screw and moved the other bolts to there correct spots.
     The bike looks very nice cleaned up and polished and also rides very nice.  I am always impressed with Townie bikes and how nice they tune up.  I do not have before photos, but some nice after photos below.  Thank you.

Magenta Townie - Side View

Magenta Townie - Front View

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  1. Thank you John!!! You are the best. I was a little skeptical giving my bike to someone on Craigslist because you just never know! For those of you reading this, bring all of your bikes to John! He is awesome, does excellent excellent work, is very reasonable, quick and very honest.

    I am so glad to have found him! A plus is that he offers pick up and delivery which makes it very easy.