Monday, July 23, 2012

Raleigh Fixie hit by Pickup Truck

    Well,  I was riding and 12 miles into the first ride of the Restored/Reincarnated Raleigh Fixie this went bad.  A Pickup Truck cut me off in the bike lane, I went smashing into the side of the truck bed, flipped over into the bed and landed hard, and that was after being able to reduce my speed by half in a 2 foot distance.  I have some bruised ribs but survived fine, but the bike did not.  The down tub is buckled, the top tube less buckled, the headtube compressed and the top headtube lug actually split in the back.  Amazing the front wheel is dead straight and all other bits and pieces survived.
     I can not explain how sad I am about this bike.  It fit just perfect for a fixie, just on the smaller end of my size range, which made it nimble for me.  It rode so smooth and quick, and easy.  I had plans to ride it from my home here in Racine to my true home town in Upper Michigan.  I loved this bike and I knew that after only 12 miles.  The looks worked very well with the classic design, the ride, everything.
     I am going to take the parts and put them on a old Schwinn world that I also really like that is set up as original.  I just do not ride it much so I will give this frame a try.  If it is as good I will powder coat the frame the same burgundy of the Raleigh when I get the powder coating up and running soon.


Bent Down Tube

Trying to Transfer Soul to Schwinn World

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