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John Zeni
Gurnee, IL

Email works best:

Phone: 262-498-5311
I do not answer phone after 9:00 pm Central Time so leave a message if after.


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  2. Hi there! Your website is addicting. I'm barely starting out with bicycle restoration. I think I found a role model! LOL, What would be the best way to communicate with you?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi John,
    I need your help...I need to know the celeste Bianchi color about a bicycle with alloy frame early years 2000. It's a M alloy pro and the paint is pearly and glossy.
    The frame is mine and it has some scratches and the paint is blown away. So I would like to try to restore with a little brush.
    Can you help me to say to me the right code..or very similar code to make a right celeste color? Thanks a lot.
    P.S. My enail is

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  5. I am about to embark on restoration of a 1950 Raleigh ( made in England) but see no way to remove rust and repaint without damaging some lettering and logos, all of which are original to the bike. Any tips? Thank you for your time.